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$149 + GST

Lakeshore Wine Route – come discover the beauty and the heritage of the Okanagan’s oldest vineyards. Tastings, tours and dining, all a short scenic drive from downtown Kelowna.


$149 + GST

Kelowna’s Magical Winery Tour. Just minutes from downtown Kelowna, a little out of the ordinary, this tour is unique and boutique, it’s five miles of fabulous, grape fun!


$169 + GST

Journey along quiet, backcountry roads through lush orchards and rolling green hills.  Add in spectacular lake views and diverse, award winning wineries and you will see why the “Scenic Sip Trail” is so aptly named.


$159 + GST

Rural and sophisticated, the Westside Wine Trail offers a memorable wine touring experience of family-owned wineries, art and culinary delights. All this within minutes of downtown Kelowna.


$179 + GST

Kettle Valley Railway-Main
A peaceful meander off the busy highway lies Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive; a unique group of award winning wineries offering distinctive wines and charming personalities.


$189 + GST

Enjoy one of the premier grape growing regions in Canada. Naramata’s wineries enjoy presenting their renowned wines, wineries and events in relaxed and fun ways. A wine lover’s favorite for sure.

Wine Tours
The Okanagan Valley, nestled in the southern interior of beautiful British Columbia. It is scenic, picturesque, quiet, charming, growing, thriving. It is hard to find all the words that describe this piece of paradise! While there are many attractions and exciting things to see in the Okanagan, the best way to truly enjoy the valley is to experience the pinnacle of it’s charm, by visiting the award-winning wineries! Boasting nearly 82 per cent of the total vineyard acreage in the province, the Okanagan Valley is BC’s premier grape growing region. An ever-changing panorama, the valley stretches over 250 kilometers, across distinct sub-regions, each with different soil and climate conditions suited to a growing range of varietals. From world-class operations to family-run boutique vineyards, Okanagan wineries are rich with character and consistently ranked among the worlds best at International competitions there are over 170 licensed wineries, all with something different to offer.

With such a large selection, you may choose to enjoy a private or group tour of the well-known wineries, or discover one of the very special, small production wineries for a memorable day in the scenic Okanagan Valley.

Canada is still emerging as a wine region, but this does not mean we lack history or experience in the world of wine. The first Okanagan vineyard was planted in 1859 by Charles Pandosy, and one Kelowna winery, known as Calona Wines, was founded in 1932 as the first commercial winery in British Columbia and is the oldest continuously running winery in the province. Since these first vineyards were planted, the Okanagan Valley has exploded with success in the wine business.

Given the optimal location of the Okanagan Valley, it is BC’s premier grape growing region, and is now the second largest wine region in Canada. With a latitude comparable to successful wine regions in Europe, such as Champagne, France and Mosel, Germany, it is not surprising that Okanagan grapes are excellent for wine.

Despite its northern location, summers in the Okanagan are typically very hot, often exceeding average summer temperatures in California’s Napa Valley. In fact, Okanagan vineyards benefit from their northern position, as the vines are exposed to more daylight compared to southerly vineyards; Okanagan grapes see approximately 3.5 hours more sun than California grapes in peak growing season. Combine these extra hours of sunlight with scenic mountain slopes which strategically face vineyards towards the sun, and you have an ideal setting for vines to thrive, and for people to enjoy the stunning views. Furthermore, the mountains allow for better drainage so that vines are not over-watered and can retain a more concentrated flavour, while the airflow off of the hills combined with the position of Okanagan Lake contribute to the ideal grape growing climate, keeping days cool and evenings warm. 

Long rows of vineyards above Okanagan Lake with a view of the lake and mountains.
Kelowna Vineyards and Wine Country overlooking Okanagan Lake.

The Okanagan benefits from a range of microclimates throughout the valley, creating a diverse terrain and many soil types throughout the region, giving a unique terroir to each of the different vineyards. Thanks to the different soil and climate conditions, Okanagan vineyards have the opportunity to grow a range of varietals that would not be possible in other regions around the world. For instance, the Okanagan provides the ideal setting for Pinot Blanc, while Riesling and Chardonnay also tend to shine. It’s not just white varietals that do well though, as this region also produces some excellent reds, including Bordeaux blends. In fact, Okanagan wineries consistently rank among the best at International competitions, winning trophies for best Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Ice Wine in the world. Don’t just read about these award-winning wines, come and enjoy them for yourself!

A view of a vineyard from an Okanagan winery.
Enjoy private wine tours throughout the Okanagan Valley.

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